Inch Away

from Introduction (Free EP) by John Zay



I wrote ‘Inch Away’ as a prayer to a friend, but it can also be to oneself. It encourages one to surrender to a new way of being by allowing self-love to heal the fear of your feelings so the magnificence of who you truly are re-emerges…

Throughout my past I often turned feelings of sadness and anger inward. I often believed having those feelings made me not good enough for myself and definitely not good enough for others. Instead of acknowledging and accepting that I was having these feelings I became ashamed of them and automatically assumed something was wrong with me. On some level I didn’t feel worthy of love or validation. This develops in many of us as children if we believed that we needed to protect ourselves by hiding our feelings because it wasn't safe to express them.

We can bring these patterns into adulthood in all sorts of ways: by not feeling good enough for our relationships, projecting our pain onto others and by abandoning our dreams, hopes and desires. We may become isolated because talking about these feelings would show others our “defect”. But in reality most everyone has these insecurities on some level and sharing them with others can be a saving grace. This is exactly when we need to not abandon ourselves. The only way out of a feeling is through it. This requires time, creating the space to do so and knowing how that looks for you.


Inch Away
Lyrics & Music by John Zay

You're an inch away from love
Yours is energy above
I'm the warmth you are the sound
Come around

Take me through your mind again
The part where you were lost my friend
Down the hole into the ground
Come around

See yourself inside a dream
and take your heart out to be seen
Let the blood run through your veins
Ride the wave....
Ohh Ohh Ohh Ah Ah

There is room for you to sit
Come through the door get over it
Bring your truth into the space
Come around

You're a ministry of faith
I have come just for a taste
My knees are pressed down to the ground
to hear the sound...

Won't you dance again….and again
Won't you dance again….and again

I'm the light that climbs into
Reflecting me reflecting you
There is time to reach the sky
We can fly...
Ohh Ohh Ohh Ah Ah


from Introduction (Free EP), released April 19, 2020
John Zay - Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards, Drums & Drum Programming
Tommy Rispoli - Bass & Bass Arrangement


all rights reserved



John Zay New York, New York

Vocalist, Guitarist, Multi-Instrumentalist & Producer. Shamanic Explorer, Plant Medicine Advocate, Lucid Dreamer and Surfer whenever possible. Currently in Europe, born in NY, also lived in Brooklyn, LA, Hamburg & Sagres Portugal.

“John Zay is a superb guitar player, lyricist & vocalist as well. I’m a believer and you should be too!”
• Angelo Moore, Lead Singer of Fishbone
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